Unity and Christianity — Why does God allow evil and suffering?

Religion in general, and Christianity in particular, is often criticized for what is known as "the problem of evil." People ask "why would a loving God allow tragedy to happen?" When no satisfactory answer comes, the conclusion is often made that either God is not loving or that God has no power. So the problem of evil often leads to a rejection of religion and a life of faith.

Unity is especially vulnerable to this type of question because of our central claim that there is "One Power and One Presence, God, the good, omnipotent." In other words, we proclaim that God is both loving and powerful — and we make that proclamation the center of our faith.

I am not sure that Unity's answer to this "problem of evil" is any better than that of Judeo-Christian religion. However, I believe that Unity is much better equipped to deal with the problem of evil than mainstream Christianity. Here's why...

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