Come for the Education, Stay for the Community

For years I have tried at TruthUnity to "build community" online—it's not easy and I've never felt successful at doing it. I want to share with you a resource—not on TruthUnity—but one that just may in time be the most successful online community we have in Unity—the Unity Urban Ministerial School.

It may seem strange that TruthUnity is promoting another resource. But I am convinced that institutional pluralism is the future of Unity and "being organic" is one of our most promising guiding values.

If you're looking for a community of love and compassion, read on.

Next week begins what is known as "L&O"—Licensing an Ordination—at the Unity Urban Ministerial School (UUMS) offices in Detroit. L&O can be a stressful time for students, but I have been told that UUMS students affectionately refer to it as "Love and Order."

It's important to know why students say that. You see community develops where love and order is present. The Unity Urban Ministerial School teaches with heart and compassion and less from the intellect. But it's not just love that is taught at UUMS; it is also the embodiment of love—which we locate in the body center—where order resides. When love and order are the guiding Principle we will see community form. That is why Unity Urban Ministerial School students "come to UUMS for the education and stay for the community."

Over the next several months I am focused on developing a new website for the Unity Urban Ministerial School—built on Drupal 8—Drupal being the technology that runs Unity World Headquarters, Unity Worldwide Ministries, the many OnReach church websites and TruthUnity.

Catherine Thomas and Ruth Mosley

My hope is that we may finally see a successful online community. What is different this time is that the community is already there—vibrant, strong, loyal and loving—inspired by Dr. Ruth Mosley and carried forward by Dr. Catherine Thomas. I'll build the site, will you join the community?

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