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Hi Friends -

You may donate to TruthUnity online by clicking on the donate button

If you wish to send a check, send to:

TruthUnity Ministries
Mark Hicks
8910 Spicebrush Dr
Austin, TX 78759

Regarding tax deductability:

TruthUnity Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational ministry established in the state of Texas on September 1, 2013 and recognized by the IRS as a non-profit educational ministry in July 2014.

A note about the TruthUnity Giving and Receiving Report that is shown to the right:

I believe that there is too little transparency today in Unity ministries. The expenses are those directly related to producing TruthUnity; the received donations are those sent to me as love offerings; and the tithes are those that probably would not have been made if not that the the recipient inspired, affirmed or blessed TruthUnity in some way.

Thank you all for your affirmations, your tithes and your love.

Many blessings,

Mark Hicks

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TruthUnity Giving and Receiving Report

Date Item Giving Receiving Tithing
2017-01-19 Donation from Hollywood, FL 0.74 15.00
2017-01-18 Donation from Dracut MA 3.20 100.00
2017-01-17 Donation from Merritt Is, FL 10.00
2017-01-15 Donation from Hollywood, FL 0.88 20.00
2017-01-13 Donation from Hollywood, FL 0.88 20.00
2017-01-13 Donation from Sioux City IA 100.00
2017-01-12 Facebook advertising 50.00
2017-01-12 Printing cost - Prayer of Faith 65.97
2017-01-11 Donation from Dracut MA 0.79 17.00
2017-01-07 Donation from Arvada, CO 4.39 141.00
2017-01-06 Music from 5.00
2017-01-05 Donation from Hollywood, FL 0.88 20.00
2017-01-03 Donation from Reno, NV 1.17 30.00
2017-01-03 Hosting Expense - Amazon 40.64
2017-01-02 Donation from Hollywood, FL 0.76 15.00
2017-01-01 Donation from Lees Summit, MO 0.59 10.00