Love Yourself Into Wholeness

Love Yourself Into Wholeness

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Are you carrying around some feeling about something you regret having done? Is there something about your body you don't like? Do you harbor shame or guilt about some secret habit? If so, know that Frank Giudici can help you release from these things through his workshop Love Yourself Into Wholeness.

Frank and Martha had a niece who recently wrote to me:

Uncle Frank was truly a man who lived what he spoke. Even in everyday family life. I was blessed to have him a simple phone call away any time I was in need. Sometimes when I was really angry and wanted some validation in my anger he would lovingly turn my thoughts around, by the time we hung up, I was looking through peaceful loving eyes! I have been so blessed to have both Frank and Auntie Mart (Martha) in my life!

Well, you can have Uncle Frank in your own life, helping you love yourself into wholeness. He's in my life, because when I first listened to Frank's workshop I released a regret that had dogged me since 1976, and I cried for forty-five minutes. My only caution is to block out two hours before you start and don't skip around. The four parts build upon one another and you need to give the audio the same attention as if Uncle Frank were sitting across from you.

Thank you, Frank and Martha Giudici, for continuing to bless us with your beautiful, loving and kind selves and the Spirit of God that continues to flow through you.

Join Frank's Love Yourself Into Wholeness Workshop

Frank Giudici - Love Yourself Into Wholeness


001 Our greatest challenge is learning to love ourselves totally and unconditionally. All our challenges and problems extend from this problem.

002 Why don’t we accept ourselves? Because we are conditioned beings who respond to outer stimuli. We adopt certain thought patterns that stay with us until we change them.

003 One of the ways we became conditioned was through the actions of our peers.

004 Another way was through authority figures. And these authority figures were responding to their own conditioning, such as that it is wrong to love yourself. It is socially acceptable to love others but not to love ourself.

005 A third reason why we don’t love ourselves is because we are not taught how to love ourselves. It helps if somewhere along the way somebody is willing to teach you.

006 Loving oneself is essential to loving others. That is why loving oneself is not selfish. Jesus was saying this when he said “love they neighbor as thyself.” Our primary responsibility is learning to love ourselves.

007 Learning to love ourselves means learning to love all aspects of our being: our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves.

008 Learning to love ourselves physically means accepting our physical appearance and  accepting the physical talents we have. Accepting our physical appearance requires new standards of beauty. Frank will cover this in more depth in clips #017-020. Accepting our physical talents requires not stifling our talents.

009 Learning to love our intellectual or thinking self. But we all have access to divine ideas. If we want to and are willing to work at it, we all can express our intelligence that will benefit us and all mankind.

010 Learning to accept our emotional or feeling self means accepting all our feelings, good and bad. To accept something does not mean to condone it, but rather to accept it without condemnation. So when we have a negative feeling, we must not condemn ourselves for having the feeling. Accepting ourselves emotionally also means accepting our positive feelings. Love can be a difficult emotion to express. A final point is understanding that both men and women are equally thinking and feeling beings regardless of beliefs from the past.

011 Loving our spiritual self means recognizing ourselves as the individualized expression of God. When we can see ourselves a potentially capable of expressing Godlike qualities of wisdom, love and job then we are able to love ourselves spiritually. Another way to accept ourselves spiritually is accepting ourselves in the first three ways - physically, intellectually and emotionally.


012 Spiritual healing is healing of the soul. All outer circumstances are simply an out-picturing of the soul. So to be really healed is to be healed of the thoughts and feelings that have brought about the circumstances we are experiencing.

013 The first prerequisite is a willingness to be healed. Affirm I am willing to be healed. The only tools we will use are the tools of prayer and meditation.

014 Gather a pen and paper for continuing with the workshop.

015 Three big areas of consciousness that prevent us from loving ourselves.

016 First area - our thoughts about our physical self. We need to start here because we are still outer-directed. It is only when we get the idea that the source of our good resides within us as our innate divinity that we begin to get positive results of life.

017 Our physical appearance and the tyranny of comparison. This is a more detailed discussion of clip #008. The final solution resides in changing one’s thoughts about appearance.

018 Frank gives an example of two sisters, one who was called beautiful and the other was called smart.

019 Frank talks about appearance and worldly standards.

020 What happens when we accept our physical self. The first effect of changing our thoughts about our appearance is peace of mind.

021 But we can also actually change the shape or appearance of the body as well, even though it is not probable. For example, Charles Fillmore was able to extend a withered leg by spending many hours each day blessing his body or “loving himself into wholeness.”

022 But more important is the wholeness that is achieved by changing our thoughts. Frank gives an example of a friend.

023 Frank gives an assignment of writing down the name of that part of our body that we have not fully accepted. Diseased or injured parts of the body are more often easier to change than changing the shape of parts of the body.


024 Second area - our mental aspect of being and our habit patterns. The habit is bad enough, but more destructive is the self condemnation that goes with having the habit. It is the thoughts we have about having the habit, more than the habit itself, that prevents us from loving ourselves totally and unconditionally.

025 Frank discusses two main types of habits: mental habits and action habits.

026 Action habits such as drinking, smoking and grinding of teeth are obviously destructive. Another example is defensive talking, of constantly being apologetic or of talking too much. Another habit is not talking enough, of being quiet and never speaking out. Shyness, procrastinating, compulsive working and constant worrying are also destructive action habits. Frank talks about Eric Butterworth’s book “Unity Of All Life” where he speaks of worry as “substitutionary fulfillment.”

027 Assignment is to write down the one habit we want to be rid of. The important thing is that we have quite a bit of feeling about and that we wish to change. Use one word if possible.

028 Third area - something we did in the past. Actions speak louder than words and there is more feeling invested in actions. This ties us to the past and it takes place on an emotional level. This third area is the main thing that prevents us from loving ourselves.

029 The fear of exposure is a big problem and the way to release the fear is to expose it. Frank talks about step 5 of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a release of fear and tension when one discovers that they are not rejected when exposed.

030 We sometimes think that if a person we need to work with is not available then we can’t deal with a past action. But we can always deal with thoughts and feelings toward them and the experience itself.

031 The problem is always forgiving ourselves, not forgiveness by God or forgiveness by others.

032 Assignment - write down some past action we are not proud of.

033 Preview of the next step in the workshop. Frank reminds us to destroy the piece of paper we have written on as soon as the workshop is over. It will no longer serve any good purpose. Be prepared now to enter into communion with God through the process of prayer and meditation.


034 We bring about change in consciousness through prayer and meditation. To make a change in our outer world, we must first make a change in consciousness, the thoughts and a feelings that are responsible for the outer manifestation. This change in consciousness is brought about only through prayer and meditation.

035 Relax the mind and body. Speak words of peace and relaxation to any part of the body that is not relaxed: relax, and be at peace. If some thoughts are intruding, don’t resist them, but simply allow them to come in. Gently speak words of peace to them: relax, and be at peace. We are now prepared to love ourselves into wholeness.

036 We will use the mirror of our mind, the imaging faculty of mind. And we will change our thoughts about the mental picture. When our thoughts have changed then a corresponding change in the outer must be produced. As in heaven, so on earth.

037 Form an image of the physical part of ourself that we have not accepted. Know that God is our strength and is guiding us through this experience.

038 Then speak to it words of love and blessing. You are an extension of my own spiritual self. In your own way, you are good and you are beautiful, for you are an extension of God in me. All thoughts of condemnation toward you are now dissolved. I love you, I bless you and I accept you for you are me. After having spoken these words, begin to let the picture dissolve. Let it dissolve on its own. Simply release it and know that God’s perfect work has been done. Through this process you have changed your thought about that particular physical part of yourself and thereby you have loved it and your thoughts about it into wholeness.

039 Form an image of the habit you wrote down as you are now, acting out that particular habit.

040 Speak words of love and blessing to ourself. Say, “up to now, that’s the best I’ve been able to do. I know that there is a reason as to why I am thinking or feeling or acting or reacting that way and that it has to do with conditioning in life. But right now I set them aside and I release any persons who were involved. I no longer condemn myself for having that habit. I simply know that it’s there and it’s the way I am now, up to this point.”

041 Begin to see yourself acting out a new habit pattern, replacing the old with the new. And give thanks for the new you that is being established, for you are no longer bound to that old habit pattern, but you are now a new creature in God. For this, you can give thanks. Effortlessly, release that picture knowing that God’s perfect work has been done. Release the picture, bless it and let it go.

042 Form an image of the past event and feel your unforgiveness. Then, through your God-given power of dominion, allow yourself to set those feelings aside.

043 Draw into the picture another person who you feel who loves you. Hear that person speak to you words of love and forgiveness. Hear that person say to you “you are forgiven, I forgive you for whatever you did in the past.” Begin to feel forgiven. Feel forgiveness for yourself.

044 Begin to know that God's forgiveness has always been available to you. God’s love for you is always the same, the highest, the best possible.

045 Move away from this picture and as you do, bring with it a feeling of forgiveness for yourself. You are forgiven. All thoughts and feelings of the past are now dissolved through the forgiving love of God.

046 Feel not only loved by God but also approved as well. The truth of you is that God has always approved of you, for you are his beloved child, an individualized expression of all that he is. Place this seal of approval upon yourself. Recall to mind the experience of Jesus when he was baptized by John: “this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” You are God’s beloved child in whom he is well pleased. Affirm for yourself, “I love myself totally and unconditionally.” And so you do, Amen and God bless you.


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