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About Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis was born in Florida in 1927 to a Southern Baptist family. He was orphaned and spent three years in a Roman Catholic orphanage and high school. He describes in video clips below how he was introduced to Unity by reading Imelda Shanklin's book "What Are You?"

He was ordained by Unity in 1960 and he is likely the 3rd person from the left in the 1960 Unity Ordination photo. He served six years in Syracuse, New York and in 1965 began his long ministry in Denver.

Since ordination in 1960 Jim continued his studies in Religion and Sociology at Syracuse University and Denver University. He received his BA from Denver University in 1967 and his MA from Denver University in 1985.

Jim Lewis clips from Spiritual Spectrum show.

He is a past President of the Association of Unity Churches. Jim served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association's Board for seven years. He is the author of twelve boks and several cassette albums. Jim has given seminars and spoken in many churches throughout the United States.

I am so pleased that the family of Jim Lewis has granted permission for TruthUnity to share the text of two books written by him: Biblical Favorites and The Mystical Teachings of Christianity.

Jim Lewis Tribute

Tribute to James C. Lewis, Unity Minister

A significant influence in the spiritual lives of a great number of people, Jim was first and foremost a gifted teacher. Religion was his vehicle for conveying Principles of Truth. an intuitive curiosity let him rarely take things at face value. Studying extensively, Jim earned both Masters and Doctorate degrees and published 10 excellent Truth books.

Jim constantly sought new sources to help with his deep commitment to teach Truth Principles. Often tempering his passion with humor, he would use a good story or joke to clarify a point, especially when illustrating Truth. He not only taught the theory of Truth Principles, but also the application of these Principles to human lives.

"It is not enough to have just knowledge," Jim often said. "Truth Principles should be trusted and used to change lives." Jim Lewis dedicated his life to Unity's philosophy and beliefs. Thank you for touching my life.

by Peter Prato