Why Not Be Rich?

Powerful Prospering Declarations from Martha Giudici's Why Not Be Rich?

Prosperity in 120 Steps

If you listen to Martha Giudici's series on Prosperity for just ten minutes your good will begin to flow. She's not chicken soup for the impoverished soul, she's a sixteen ounce can of energy drink.

I never thought anyone would find her believable but me ... then my wife heard the CDs while driving my car one day ... "Who is that woman? Can I have those CDs?" A few weeks later I played some clips to a class of skeptic, post-modern intellectuals ... they got excited fast and by the next day each student had a set of CDs. They're still emailing me about how Martha has impacted them.

So here we have our Aunt Martha who will set us straight fast on how life and money work. Go to her when you're stuck. You'll get unstuck.

These recordings have been segmented into 120 short clips, each one being two or three minutes, and each containing a central point that Martha is making about prosperity. At the bottom of each page is a one or two sentence summary of each clip (so Google can rank the content).


Download the Why Not Be Rich handouts in PDF format