Metaphysical meaning of Hamon-gog (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hamon-gog (mbd)
Hamon-gog, ha'-mon-gog (Heb.)--multitude of Gog; tumult of Gog.

The valley in which "Gog and all his multitude" are to be buried (Ezek. 39: 11).

Meta. Gog is to be given a place of burial in Israel. That is, the substance and force that have been used to promote and keep active the adverse, selfish, warring thoughts represented by Gog are to be preserved for use in building and strengthening the good and the true n man's consciousness.

Hamon-gog (multitude of Gog, tumult of Gog, a valley where the multitudes of Gog are to be buried) is a very low (that is, material), confused, depressed, subconscious state into which all the errors of Gog, after having been deprived of their substance and seeming power of activity, are buried--released completely from sight and thought--preparatory to their being taken entirely out of the organism by means of the eliminative functions. "Thus shall they cleanse the land" (Ezek. 39:16).

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