Emile Cady’s Garden of the Heart

Graphic from Lessons in Truth Facsimile edition

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Emilie Cady’s essay entitled The Secret Place of the Most High is about space, not language. The “Secret Place of the Most High” is, as I found written in the margin of my 1935 edition, a “Garden of the Heart.”

Most theologians today assume that the only way to convey spiritual things is with words. But I want to share some of the inside cover of a groundbreaking book that has come out this year:

How to we think? The natural answer is: with words. Everything from ancient philosophy to the theory of evolution is assembled and transmitted through language. But our ancestors did not speak. Neither do infants. Yet they still think. So if we can think before we have language, then what are our thoughts really made of? ... In Mind and Motion, psychologist Barbara Tversky makes the groundbreaking case that movement and our interactions in space, not language, are the true foundation of thought.

Let’s remember that Jesus taught in parables. And he roamed the Galilean hillside as he taught. A few weeks back I wrote that the most important spiritual discipline in Unity is thinking, not prayer. And last week I wrote that spiritual understanding begins with infant bonding. Thinking and spiritual understanding are pre-verbal. This may be why Emilie Cady has chosen to use similar metaphors in her essay on the spiritual journeyThe Secret Place of the Most High—that of a “secret place” where we go to find safety, to meet God and to discover Truth—a “Garden of the Heart”.

Sadly, the current edition of the Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady has removed her preface to The Secret Place of the Most High. I don’t now why the preface has been removed, but I do know that she defends herself in the preface from critics who “object to the language as being too ‘orthodox.’” It’s fair to assume that Emilie Cady’s critics are still with us. And their methods are to remove entire sections from Lessons in Truth that they find objectionable. That is why anyone who wants to understand what she has to say and to follow her simple lessons will need to read her original writings, untouched by 125 years of unknown editing.

It is true that understanding the writings of Emilie Cady and Charles Fillmore can be difficult. But it is no more difficult than understanding the parables of Jesus. That is the nature of spiritual discovery. It just may be that Emilie Cady is right—we need to spend less time reading books and spend more time waiting in the stillness of Garden of the Heart.

Here is a summary of some of the terms we find in her essay:

  1. The secret place. The place we go to become still and to meet God.
  2. Intuition. The gate to the secret place, the still small voice that beckons us to the gate.
  3. Intellect. Our thinking and feeling pathway to the secret place.
  4. Inlet, Inflowing. Divine ideas given by God to us at the secret place.
  5. Outlet, Outflowing. Experience of illumined thinking and feeling that radiate outward.
  6. In-working. God's working in our minds, transforming our thinking and feeling (grace).
  7. Out-working, Working out one's salvation. Our task in cleansing consciousness by means of thinking, denials and affirmation.
  1. Silence. Waiting and allowing Spirit to "work in us."
  2. Language. One way to convey Truth.
  3. Words of Truth. Words that are "made alive in us" by revelation of Spirit.
  4. The hope of glory. Letting Spirit work in us (hope) so that we may have the mind of God in us and that we may claim into manifestation as the image and likeness of God (glory).
  5. Hidden manna. A secret word for overcoming.
  6. White stone. A clean consciousness ready for the secret word.
  1. The Father. God.
  2. The Father within. Our experience of God the Father.
  3. Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father to reveal our Christ nature in the Silence.
  4. The secret/friendship of the Lord. A revelation of our divine nature (Psalms 25:14).
  5. Christ. Consciousness of our divine self. The "mystery hidden from Ages," the mystical union between soul and Spirit.
  1. The enduement of power. The promise/desire of God for spiritual empowerment that we might grow step by step to where we can manifest our divine nature (Luke 24:49).
  2. According to the power that worketh within us. The in-working power of Spirit that transforms our consciousness (Ephesians 3:20).

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