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March 2015 Update

Lessons In Truth is now in Chinese!

October 2014 Update

Two translations are completed:

  • Lessons in Truth (Brazilian Portuguese). Donors have sponsored 20% of the $986 cost of this translation.
  • Prosperity (Brazilian Portuguese). I am looking for a single donor to sponsor the $500 cost of this translation.

On my journey to the village, I found some other translations that had no copyright. Eight of those are scanned, converted to text and uploaded here. You can see links to them to the right. There are a few more that I found, most of them in Spanish. They're coming. So we're now up to 10 translations!

I'm presently working on Lessen in Waarheid, (Lessons in Truth in Dutch). If anyone has a translation of a classic Unity text or tract that is copyright free, please let me know.

I just spent $986 to have Emilie Cady's Lessons In Truth translated in Brazilian Portuguese. You can click here to see it. It's freely available to anyone who wants to read it on their phone, tablet or computer, to print and share it, to publish it as a book or eBook or to use it for starting a study group.

The decision to begin offering Unity's classic texts in non-English languages comes from asking: "Why is it that Unity, which is a worldwide movement, doesn't have it's basic texts readily available to the world community?" I read that Lessons In Truth is translated in ten languages and in Braille. Where are those translations? I've looked and I don't see them.

There are a few translations. Today I arrived on my once-per-year trip to Unity Village to attend World Day of Prayer and to rummage for non-English translations (if you're at the village swing by and say hello - you'll find me upstairs in the archives). This afternoon I saw that the bookstore has a few Unity books in Spanish. Yesterday on Amazon I was able to buy two Emilie Cady books from the French publisher Astra. But all of them are copyrighted and so you won't see them on TruthUnity, you won't see the text showing up in any Google searches and no one using a smartphone is going to be able to easily read them.

That's no way to support a worldwide movement. Do you want the Unity teachings to grow and become more influential throughout the world? If so, the process starts by laying a foundation: translating Unity's classic library in the world's most commonly used languages and disseminating them as widely as possible.

So here is what's new: I'm raising money and managing a project called "CommUnity Funded Translations." The goal is to get Unity's classic texts translated and released in a way that they are widely disseminated to a worldwide audience.

If you will support this project, then:

  • I'll engage spiritual writers on and other freelance sites to do the translation, because they will do the work for about 1/5 of the price quoted by big translation companies.
  • I'll do the work to get the translation done, published on TruthUnity and crawled by Google so they show up in Internet searches.
  • I'll put the finished translation out under the Creative Commons license so that everyone is free to publish, print, create eBooks, give them to study groups and disseminate the these translated Unity teachings in any form they wish.

The first milestone for this project is finished: Emilie Cady's classic work in Brazilian Portuguese, delivered by Rodrigo De Souza, a spiritual writer and journalist. He's ready to deliver Prosperity in the next few weeks. Again, click here to check it out.

Click here to see TruthUnity's Giving and Receiving Report and to contribute to the project. Besides replenishing the $986 for Lessons In Truth, I need another $500 to get Charles Fillmore's Prosperity in Brazilian Portuguese.

Doesn't Emilie Cady deserve a worldwide audience? I'm asking for your help. Please give generously.