Metaphysical meaning of Ahuzzath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahuzzath (mbd)
Ahuzzath, a-huz'-zath (Heb.)--holding fast; a possession; possessions.

A friend of Abimelech, who was Philistine king (Gen. 26:26).

Meta. The selfishness of the unregenerate will (Ahimelech) in its belief that it is the rightful ruler of man and that the substance and the forces of man's being are for its own sense desires. Having witnessed the ever increasing power and possessions of Isaac (who is a symbol of the divine sonship), Abimelech fears that he will lose his own rule and possessions, and so with Ahuzzath, his friend, he goes to Isaac and makes a covenant with him in order to protect himself, his people, and their goods.

The divine son, Christ, does not destroy, but saves. Error eventually brings about its own destruction, but there is a period of development when the wheat and the tares must be allowed to grow together until the harvest--when the error seems to flourish along with the good. The harvest time of the Philistines came when the Israelites under Joshua took possession of the Promised Land. In our own individual body consciousness we begin the redemption of our body when we begin the real overcoming of the thoughts that are in opposition to the laws of our being (the Philistines).

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