Metaphysical meaning of Aznoth-tabor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aznoth-tabor (mbd)
Aznoth-tabor, az'-noth-ta'-bôr (Heb.) --peaks of Tabor; ears or peaks of Tabor; summits of Tabor.

A place on the western border of Naphtali (Josh. 19:34), evidently a mountain or mountains.

Meta. A twofold realization (peaks of Tabor, two mountain peaks; a mountain always represents a high plane of consciousness or a state of spiritual exaltation and realization) of strength (Naphtali) through the recognition that all strength is spiritual. When the material thought is removed from the strength faculty (which Naphtali signifies) it becomes more than doubled in consciousness in the knowledge that it is founded in Spirit, God, and does not have its source or its sustaining power in the physical. There is therefore no limit to one's strength.

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