Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore

Keep a True Lent

Front Matter
Chapter I: The Way to Perfection
Chapter II: The Holy Trinity
Chapter III: The House Not Made with Hands
Chapter IV: Christ in You
Chapter V: The Throne of Love
Chapter VI: The World Calls to Courage
Chapter VII: Conscience
Chapter VIII: Man
Chapter IX: The Philosophy of Denial
Chapter X: The Affirmative Word
Chapter XI: Spiritualizing the Intellect
Chapter XII: Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind
Chapter XIII: Reincarnation
Chapter XIV: God's Abundance
Chapter XV: Faith-Thinking
Chapter XVI: The Appropriation of Divine Life
Chapter XVII: All the Way
Denial – 1st Day, Ash Wednesday
Affirmation – Second Day, Thursday
God – 3rd Day, Friday
I AM – 4th Day, Saturday
The Alter – 1st Sunday
The Garden of Eden – 5th Day, Monday
Faith – 6th Day, Tuesday
Strength – 7th Day, Wednesday
Wisdom – 8th Day, Thursday
Love – 9th Day, Friday
Power – 10th Day, Saturday
Imagination – 2nd Sunday
Understanding – 11th Day, Monday
Will – 12th Day, Tuesday
Law – 13th Day, Wednesday
Zeal – 14th Day, Thursday
Renunciation – 15th Day, Friday
Life – 16th Day, Saturday
Conservation – 3rd Sunday
Jesus Christ Our Helper – 17th Day, Monday
Evolution – 18th Day, Tuesday
The Blood of Jesus – 19th Day, Wednesday
The Body Temple – 20th Day, Thursday
The Grace of God – 21st Day, Friday
Fourth Dimension – 22d Day, Saturday
The Sabbath – 4th Sunday
The Idea – 23d Day, Monday
Healing – 24th Day, Tuesday
Peace – 25th Day, Wednesday
Heaven – 26th Day, Thursday
Principle – 27th Day, Friday
Miracles – 28th Day, Saturday
The Overcomer – 5th (Passion) Sunday
Patience – 29th Day, Monday
Divine Judgment – 30th Day, Tuesday
Spiritual Substance – 31st Day, Wednesday
The Atonement – 32d Day, Thursday
Mount of Transfiguration – 33d Day, Friday
Transmutation – 34th Day, Saturday
Palm Sunday
The New Race – 35th Day, Monday
The Fire of God – 36th Day, Tuesday
Holy Communion – 37th Day, Wednesday
Gethsemane – 38th Day, Thursday
Crucifixion – 39th Day, Good Friday
Resting in God – 40th Day
The Resurrection – Easter Sunday
Charles Fillmore Keep a True Lent Cover

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Study Resources for Keep a True Lent

Since Keep a True Lent is so widely used as a resource for lenten study, I would like this page to offer a wide variety of study resources. If you have a lenten study guide based on Keep a True Lent and you are willing to share it, would you send it to me at If you do, I'll include it here and credit you as the contributor. An email will go out a few weeks before Lent to let people know what has been received.


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Submitted by Rev. Gloria Kam... on

Mark, I am facilitating a Book-Study/Discussion Group at Unity Of Arlington TX based on the book, Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore. I decided to offer it "out of season" because of the many great Truth lessons and concepts to be used in everyday living. There is no set schedule and anyone can stop the readings anytime to discuss. Many who have read and or taken classes before, are gaining new insights and understanding by using this method. I am so thrilled by the many breakthroughs being shared each week.

I have no written study guide to share. Just want to thank you for all you contribute to the Unity movement. Blessings always,